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June 27, 2021

I grew up in a church that said you had to speak in tongues to get saved and go to heaven. I often prayed fervently starting at the age of 5 for the experience in the prayer room at church, where people would cry and wail, and roll on the floor. One 80-year old lady would get happy in the spirit and run laps around the church. That was always entertaining.

About my sophomore year in college, I became transformed by the protest of the Vietnam War, the anti-nuclear movement, Eastern philosophy, the study of psychology, smoking reefer, and of course, democratic socialism, which I started believing could save the world.

Two times in my twenties and thirties, I am embarrassed to say, I had brief periods where I went back to being a Christian fundamentalist or an evangelical Christian. Later going to a liberal seminary, where I studied the New Testament like a scientist, helped me realize that there was little grounds for believing in the virgin birth, the trinity, and the unique resurrection of Jesus in the way that evangelical Christians believe. Now I believe that Jesus could have been a highly evolved yogi to achieve the various things he allegedly achieved.

Growing up in an anti-intellectual home, I had the most trouble with high school courses like U.S. history, which seemed like a boring subject that was a waste of time. Later in my life, European history would become an important and fascinating subject.

Fascinated with yoga and meditation, I starting reading many books by Swami Rama. When I later met him in person and was initiated and given a mantra (which I never repeated over and over), I remember that being in his presence was the most powerful spiritual experience I have ever had in my life: I felt rapturous love and indescribable bliss. So I became convinced that meditation and spiritual disciplines can transform a person.

In my mid 50s, I started advocating the integration of the perennial philosophy (that’s the term Aldous Huxley used)--or it is sometimes referred to as ageless wisdom (describing the nondual mystical experience)--with a democratic form of socialism as a way to save individuals and the world. I created a website called www.NowSaveTheWorld.com because the website name SaveTheWorld.com had already been taken by somebody else. I created this website in 2010 right before I retired at age 60 from being a teacher of high school special education and also of general elementary education, mostly third grade. In March 2020, I changed the name to WorldWithoutEmpire.com.

I have often wondered why many people who are into meditation and Eastern philosophy are not very concerned about U.S. imperialism. To be an ethical or spiritual person, we have to become political too. But you can't expect people to be well informed if they only get their news from the mainstream media.

Even the so-called enlightened individuals are often not politically astute or very concerned about the suffering and turmoil in the world. They are not concerned because the world of time and space is just maya to them--it’s not even real compared to the rapturous mystical state of consciousness. But if we value being a world citizen, the world of time and space must become important to us, even though this world is like a dream in comparison. Our soul, or consciousness, never dies.

Buddha said that desire is the cause of suffering, but sometimes I do not want to give up my desires--in romance, for example. In mindfulness meditation, we temporarily disidentify with our momentary thoughts or memories, becoming detached and objective, which gives us a fresh new insight and perspective about ourselves, others, and the world. Yogis, Buddhists, and Christian mystics have found a higher joy and inner peace that the world cannot comprehend. But it is okay if we're not there yet. From a cosmic perspective, everything is perfect just the way it is.

Politically, I identify with what I would call the radical democratic left. Integrating the spiritual and the political, I think of myself as a transpersonal, vegan, democratic socialist. I also support a Democratic World Government, not a new world order imposed autocratically. The human species will evolve and thrive when we desire to save every person on the planet and not just ourselves, when we become concerned about the Self-actualization of every individual in every nation. To create a more democratic world, we need to equally empower the 7 largest national political parties in every country. No political party has a right to impose its ideals on others. Everyone must respect a democratic process. But it is not very democratic to only have 2 political parties. Even a world government will not be democratic if the majority of the world does not want it. Moreover, a majority of world citizens must have the right to democratically disassemble any world government, if they do not like it.

Veganism is important for ethical, ecological, and health reasons. I have been a vegan since 2012.

I get weekly emails from www.VictorZammit.com about people who have had Near Death Experiences.

For about 3 weeks in December of 2018, I deeply studied the research about aliens and UFOs, and though I rarely think about the subject now, I do believe the U.S. government has lied to us about what it knows. See UFO Videos and Websites .

I enjoy websites that interview individuals who are spiritually awakening such as Buddha at the Gas Pump, Soulproof.com and Science and NonDuality.

An Earlier Summary, January 2019:

Integrating the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, Yoga Sutras, mindfulness meditation, and Progressive Christianity with socialism, I personally think of myself as a spiritual socialist--a reformist, democratic socialist, not a revolutionary socialist. If we use violence, it will create violent repercussions.

The world, especially the United States, needs to give peace a chance. I am a socialist because I value economic production for the good of all, always with an internationalist perspective. I want to live in a carefully planned society and in an orderly world, built from the bottom-up, not the top down, from the neighborhood block club, to the elementary school district, voting precinct, township, county, state, national, and ultimately to the international level.

The most spiritual and ethical thing I can do now is to understand history, political theory, and economics to help rid the world of U.S. imperialism, militarism, and the gross disparity between the rich and poor within countries and among countries. We have to be the change we want to see. For me, mindfulness meditation helps me grow spiritually.

The world can be saved as planetary citizens live with ecological wisdom, eat a vegetarian and ideally a vegan diet, remove nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, and gradually phase out fossil fuels.

Regarding the public schools in the United States, I propose allowing the residents that live within the boundary of every elementary, middle, and high school to create their own school boards, which would then create their own educational philosophies and school curriculums. This measure will promote neighborhood togetherness and local self-determination.

We have to work to achieve both outer peace and inner peace. Meditation, or the calm and detached observation of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, a few times a day can create joy and serenity.

For world peace, a socialist world government, built from the bottom-up, is recommended. Created democratically, it could also be disassembled democratically too, if that is the will of world citizens.

In the United States, I recommend getting a constitutional amendment passed that revises Article V of the constitution so that it would be easier to pass future amendments and also easier to have a future Constitutional Convention in a fair and democratic way to create a better national constitution. I have written my own version of the ideal constitution, called the Third Constitution of the United States, after the Articles of Confederation and our current constitution.

We should give a voice to every national political party that captures at least one percent of registered voters, and in the final stages of a presidential race, the debate could be restricted to the 7 largest political parties. If we created a new constitution, there could be a system of proportional representation with a unicameral national legislature. My constitution would be easier to abolish when a better one is conceived.