World Without Empire! Amen, Amen.

Based on Isaiah 45: 17 and Ephesians 3:21, the last words in the Christian doxology are "world without end, amen, amen." But to create a world without end that achieves human spiritual and moral growth, we need to eliminate all forms of empire. The United States can be a model nation for the world. To take the initiative in creating world peace and happiness, the United States needs to dismantle its empire. It must close down its 883 military bases in 160 countries and bring all the troops back home. What is needed is a new worldview, a spiritual renaissance, a paradigm shift that transcends scientific materialism and lifestyle materialism.

On an international level, a democratic world government is needed that is the opposite of the new world order that is now being autocratically developed from the top-down by billionaire globalists. The Earth Constitution is one model of a democratic world government that needs to be further investigated.

On a national level--in order to maximize democracy--we can promote the equal empowerment of the 7 largest political parties in every nation. Instead of being corporate owned, the mainstream media could be publicly owned and proportionately controlled by the 7 largest national political parties.

On a state level, Christian fundamentalists, Muslims, Buddhists, Marxists, and others should be given financial incentives to find alternatives to the public schools for their children if they are not happy with the public schools.

On an individual level--even if world conditions keep getting worse--we can find personal liberation, enlightenment, and our true purpose through advaita vedanta, yoga philosophy, Christian mysticism, and other expressions of the perennial philosophy. Our highest Self, which is infinite love, is beyond time, space, and causation. It is beyond anything the mind can conceive or the senses perceive. We will live in a much better world as more people attain self-realization or self-actualization. Instead of trying to change others, it is more important that we change ourselves. The best thing we can do is... Be the Peace we want to see in the world.

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