World Without Empire! Amen, Amen. 

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On September 14, 2023, I created a file entitled  "Are Freemasonry, the New Age Movement, and the Theosophical Society Expressions of Satanism in Disguise?"  On September 17, 2023, I raised my hand in a church to dedicate my life to Jesus again, after being enamored with yoga philosophy and Buddhism for 14 years. Starting in the 1970s, about every 14 years, I have switched back and forth between endorsing the  perennial philosophy of Eastern thought  and Christianity.  But I am more convinced now than ever before at age 73 that Jesus, and Jesus alone, is God, and there is no book worth studying more than the Holy Bible.   

On October 3, 2023, I created a file entitled  Christians that Support Veganism, Nonviolence, and World Peace.  On October 10, I created the file: Not All Christians Support Zionism. On October 12, I created a file entitled  My Conversion to Christianity.  On November 4, 2023, I created the file:  Current Events Regarding the Israel-Hamas War.    

Based on  Isaiah 45:17  and Ephesians 3:21, the last words in the Christian doxology are "world without end, amen, amen." But to create a sustainable world before there is any divine intervention--we the citizens of the world need to unite together to throw off the chains of empire and restore true democracy in every  nation.  Historically, all empires have fallen, sometimes after hundreds of years.  An empire is the opposite of a democracy, but we can strive and work to promote true democracy in every nation: a democracy that also maximizes individual freedom and parent choice in education.  A world without empire will also be a world without censorship, which is now on the increase.    

Dr Samantha Bailey no longer believes in the "contagious germ theory" that we all grew up believing. In the video below, Dr Sam Bailey tells why she started adopting the terrain model instead of the germ theory and why she rejected allopathic or Western medicine.  I think we have been misinformed, if not purposely lied to, about many major things in the world.  I believe we have been lied to about what really makes us ill because there are large powerful organizations that profit from our illness and lack of knowledge.  If it is true that we don't catch diseases but build them, it will bring down the whole medical system house of cards when all the misinformation and lies are exposed.        

Dr Sam Bailey . substack . com: Medicine: The Killing Fields--by Dr Sam Bailey--17 min, 34 sec--August 22, 2023   


There was an emperor named Asoka in the third century BCE India who converted to Buddhism and then renounced his war-like ways.  He helped usher in an era of greater cultural harmony and peace that extended to animals by promoting vegetarianism and an extensive network of animal-care facilities, as reported by Dr Will Tuttle, editor of the book Buddhism & Veganism and author of the World Peace Diet.  Veganism is valuable for ethical, ecological,  and health reasons.         

The United States could be a model nation for the world.  To take the initiative in promoting and creating world peace and happiness for everyone in every nation, the United States needs to dismantle its empire. It must close down its 883 military bases in 160 countries, bring all the troops back home, and just defend its own borders.   Before my conversion to Christianity, I said that what is needed is a new worldview, a spiritual renaissance, a paradigm shift that transcends both lifestyle materialism and scientific materialism, but now I would say the most important thing is to have a right understanding of who Jesus is.    

The ongoing Covid crisis is a covert operation that has been orchestrated by a global technocratic elite who are now closer than ever to getting total control over humanity.  (See list of books, articles, and videos  here ) Masses of people have been duped, but many are starting to wake up.  During the unnecessary and compulsory lockdowns, there was a 30 percent transfer of wealth from average people to the billionaire class. The  global elite  (also click here  and  here)  have the money and power to supplant the democratic will of the majority, and their agenda increasingly involves technocracy, transhumanism, algorithms of artificial intelligence, genetic modification, and the digital identification of every person on the planet. The Covid crisis has created enormous censorship of alternative viewpoints reminiscent of fascist regimes, and the crisis has caused me to become disillusioned with the Left since most liberal capitalists, democratic socialists, and communists have accepted the official Covid narrative of the mainstream corporate-owned media, the Biden administration, the CDC, the WHO, the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies, the military-industrial complex, the CIA, and other colluding organizations. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr's best-selling book The Real Anthony Fauci  explains how this corruption and collusion has developed over many years.        

But now it is not so much an issue of left versus right.  It is an issue of humanity verses an undemocratic, transnational technocracy.  If the resistance movement can both successfully expose the corruption and share its visions and models for making a better world, it will make the process of disempowering the technocracy easier.  We must not become slaves to the oligarchs’ centralized, control grid system that is implementing an agenda that ultimately will combine depopulation, technocracy, transhumanism, and totalitarianism to maintain its control.  If the Vaccine Digital ID Passport is implemented with the Social Credit System of China, we will only have access to our bank accounts if we comply with all Covid mandates. The final battle between good and evil is before us.  The Dark Forces are not just pure evil--they are Satanic.  The goal is to take away our individual freedoms permanently and turn us into cyborgs for their purposes.       

 How do we create a more democratic world without censorship?  Within our nation, we could equally empower the 7 largest political parties, instead of just 2 parties.  We could encourage and promote more decentralization. If there are food and other shortages in the future, the growing number of people who are getting off the grid as much as possible and growing their own food individually and locally are the best role models for the rest of us. On a personal and spiritual level, we can aspire to be fair, honest, open, tolerant, transparent, and vulnerable.  

Before we finally disempower the global undemocratic, fascist-communist, technocratic elite--it would be good to agree on the best way to maximize peace, freedom, justice, and happiness for every citizen of the planet.  In   this article   I offer some of my suggestions.      

Having a world government should not be considered until we have democratic sovereign nations that desire it.  Currently there aren’t any truly democratic nations, so it is premature to support any of the current proposals for a  democratic world federal government such as the Earth Constitution.  Right now it is urgent that we oppose giving an international organization, the WHO, authority over the health decisions of sovereign nations.  

As Peter Koenig has stated in this  article:  “The World Health Organization has started drafting a Global Pandemic Treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant WHO absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel  restrictions, lockdowns, standardized medical care and more.”  Thankfully, the nations of Africa, who have had first-hand experience working with the WHO, voted against approving the WHO Pandemic Treaty in the last election.          

On an international level, we can promote the equal empowerment of the 7 largest political parties in every nation and allow them to have a proportionate control of  each nation's federal legislature.  Moreover, the mainstream media of each nation, instead of being corporate owned, could be publicly owned and proportionately controlled by the 7 largest national political parties. Also, we must take the influence of money out of politics.  All of these measures may seem difficult to achieve, but if the citizens of the world unite together and specifically demand them, they can be accomplished.   

On a state and local level--Christian fundamentalists, Muslims, Advaita Vedantists, Buddhists, Libertarians, Marxists, and others should be given money to find alternatives to the public schools for their children if they are not happy with the public schools.  Another option would be to radically decentralize public schools at the elementary level by encouraging the residents who live in an elementary school district to create their own educational philosophy and school curriculum. A third option could be that the money allocated to public schools on a per pupil basis could be given to parents without any strings attached to let them decide how to educate their own children.  Some parents might invest in private schools; others might take an unschooling approach and invest in private tutoring and home education.    

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